Sunday, November 18, 2007

Halle, Week 9 & 10

Finally we caught some smiles on camera!!

Halle, Week 8

Halle, Week 8

Well I just had to show a naked picture of Halle to show off her fat belly. At her 2 mo. well check appointment, she weighed in at 13 lb. 2 oz., which puts her in the 95th percentile for weight!! She was also in the 95th percentile for her head size (thanks to dad!). May I just remind everyone that I gave birth to this baby!?!?

Happy Halloween!

Rich went dressed up as Christian Hosoi, a legendary 80's skater. I was boring and didn't dress up, which is quite uncharacteristic since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It was just too much after having a baby I guess. Halle went as a bear in hibernation because she slept during the entire night.

Halle, Week 6 & 7

Halle is getting to be more and more fun! She is so much more interactive now and is actually smiling! It is so fun to see her start to notice things in her surroundings.